Perhaps it was bad timing to come here just a month after my solo trip to Japan, or possibly it was my lack of interest in architecture. Whatever the reason, Venice didn’t quite live up to its reputation. In the end I liked the nearby island Burano with its rainbow-coloured houses more.

Optimized-DSC08989My brother and I stayed four nights in Venice in May 2017. We had a great time, the gelato didn’t disappoint, and the weather was lovely – but it just didn’t compare to all the fun we had in Thailand.

Rather than putting up a structured destination guide I’ll walk you through some of the iconic sights. You will definitely get lost in the alleys, but that was one of the highlights in Venice!

Academia Bridge
Optimized-DSC00662Our hotel was located a short walk from Academia Bridge. The view over the main canal was probably the best one in Venice.

St Mark’s Bell Tower
Optimized-DSC00973Venice looks like a completely different city from the top of the bell tower. The iconic view of St Mark’s Square at golden hour was my favourite photography moment in Venice. Just be aware that the bells at the observation floor ring a few meters away from you during the opening hours. If I knew that I would had brought ear-plugs.


Bridge of Sighs
Optimized-DSC09527The legend says that the view over Rio di Palazzo was the last view that convicts saw of Venice before their imprisonment. You can do the same walk by visiting Doge’s Palace.



Get lost in alleysOptimized-DSC00437Venice is a maze and you will inevitably get lost, but that could be a good thing. As a city, Venice is much more than the tourist hot spots, there’s really something to see behind every corner!Optimized-DSC09430

BuranoOptimized-DSC09288This colourful little village was my favourite place in Venice. Burano is really a must see if you’re into travel photography.

How to get there: hop on vaporetto (water bus) line no. 12 at Fondamente Nove on the northern side of Venice. From there it’s just a 40 minutes ride to Burano.

The Rialto BridgeOptimized-DSC09045The bridges that cross the main canal are really crowded, but it’s easy to see why. My favourite activity in Venice was standing on bridges and watching the world go by. That, and eating gelato!


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